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White Bean Pie or patties.

This is a really easy and such a delicious combination of Ingredients.


1 kg (2,2 lb) fresh potatoes.
1 - 2 tbsp flour.
1 - 2 eggs.
salt, baking soda.

for filling:

2 cup white beans (wash, soak in water overnight and cook it)
2 ea onions
2 - 5 ea garlic cloves (to taste).
salt, black pepper, butter, oil


1. Peel potatoes and grate finely, squeeze out the juice and combine with salt, flour, eggs and baking soda. 

Make filling: 

2. Cooked, drained pureed (or minced) beans mix with chopped fried onions, grated garlic and black pepper to taste. Blend the mixture.

3. When the filling is ready, shape small patties: Divide in equal parts all potatoes mixture. Make circles and put a small ball of bean's filling onto each, make patties.

4. Put patties on cook sheet a well greased with oil. Bake in oven until golden brown on top.

5. Serve with sour cream, melted butter or cream.