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Carrot eggs pie.

Ingredients for dough: 

2 oz yeast.
2 tbsp sugar
4 cup (16 tbsp) flour.
1 cup milk.
8 oz butter.
2 eggs.
1/2 tsp salt.

For filling:

2 lb boiled and grated carrot
4 boiled minced eggs
2 tbsp sugar
2 oz butter
salt, oil


Make dough:
1. Combine yeast, salt, sugar and milk and put in a warm place.
Add beaten eggs and 4 cup of flour.

Make filling: 

2. Mix all ingredients.

3. When the filling is ready, play with dough:
Make circle and brush all flat of circle with melted butter, than to pack envelope.

4. Make circles again and brush all flat of circle with melted butter again, and than to pack envelope.

5. Now shape 2 pies: Divide in 2 equal parts all dough. Roll dough out and put a filling onto each part, make pies. Brush the top of each pie with sour cream or butter. Place in warm spot for 2 hour.

6.Put pies on baking sheet sheet a well greased with oil. Bake in oven until golden brown on top.

7. Serve with sour cream, melted butter or cream.