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Rice with chicken breasts.

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Rice with chicken breasts.Ingredients:

300 g (10,6 oz) rice,
200 g (7 oz) chicken breasts fillet, cubed.
600 g (1,3 lb) water.

2 onion, chopped,
2 carrot, scraped, grated,
3 tbsp tomato sauce or 1 fresh tomato,
1/2 cup olive or Soya oil
salt, ground pepper, chopped dill, celery, parsley, 
(or dried greenery) to taste

Cooking Instructions:

Put chicken fillet in big skillet or pot with oil and fry until cooked. Add vegetables into the chicken fillet. Stir thoroughly and fry. Add rice and  fry until golden. Flavour with greenery and salt. Add water and stew covered, until rice tender. Serve hot, decorate with sweet paprika strips, ketchup and boiled broccoli.