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Rasstegai with mushrooms.
Little open pies with a filling - rasstegai.

Cooking and recipes FREE ebook, download totally free, English.Rasstegai are little open pies with a filling. Their name comes from the Russian word rasstyognutyi meaning "unfastened". The filling for the rasstegai can be made from rice and minced mushrooms.


For pastry:

800 - 900 grams (1, 8 - 2 lb) - flour
1/2 litre (1 pint) milk
30 - 50 grams (1,5 - 2 oz) yeast
250 g (8,8 oz) butter
2 - 3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp oil
salt, pinch.

For Mushroom Filling:

100 g (3,5 oz) boiled rice
 200 g (7 oz) dried mushrooms, washed
1 onion, small 
2 - 3 tbsp butter

1 egg yolk, 1 oz butter - to brush top of the the rasstegai.


First of all you need a yeast dough. 

1. Make the dough: place all ingredients in the bowl, knead the dough using food processor, than make it into ball, and leave it in a bowl to rise, covered with a damp cloth for about 50 minutes in a warm place.

2. When it is ready, divide it into small portions. Roll dough out on a floured work surface these small balls of dough and place a spoonful of the stuffing in the centre.

Pinch up the edges of the dough around the filling to make round or oval pies, leaving the centre uncovered. Put the rasstegai on a baking tray greased with butter and leave in a warm place for the dough to rise.

As soon as they are ready, brush with egg yolk and bake in the oven 200 - 210 C. 

For a Mushroom stuffing:

Soak the mushrooms, then cook. Minced and fry the mushrooms with butter, add the chopped onion. Fry. Combine with cooked rice and mix thoroughly.