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 About Russian cooking and cuisine.
 About Russian cooking and Recipes.
 Glossary. Russian cooking and cuisine. 
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 Cooking photos
Cooking and recipes of Russian cuisine Cakes, pastry photos.
 Appetizers, Salads photos.
Cooking photos Second dishes photos.
 Soups photos. Russian cuisine.
 All cooking photos of Recipes Russian cuisine.

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 Vegetables Contents.
 Beets stuffed with raisins and rice.
 Beet Salad with cucumbers.
 Beet Salad with walnuts.
 Beet Salad with Rhubarb.
 Beet Salad with beans.
 Fried Broccoli florets.
 Salad with buds lime.
 Cabbage fried with vegetables.
 Cabbage fried with Beans.
 Cabbage fried with chicken breast.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with meat.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with dried apricots.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with white beans.
 Rolls with buckwheat, Stuffed cabbage.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with carrot.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with rice.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables.
 Cabbage salad with lettuce.
 Cauliflower salad with parsley.
 Red Sauerkraut salad.
 Cabbage salad with Rhubarb juice.
 Cabbage salad with garlic.
 Cabbage salad with apple.
 Cabbage salad with cucumber.
 Fresh cabbage salad with ham and peas.
 Sour Cabbage salad.
 Cabbage salad with tomatoes.
 Radish with carrot salad.
 Cauliflower casserole.
 Fried Cauliflower.
 Corn Salad.
 Cucumber - pepper Salad.
 Cucumber - tomato - corn Salad.
 Cucumber stuffed with tomato and egg.
 Cucumber stuffed with eggs and onion.
 Cucumber - Tomato Salad.
 Dandelion Leaves fried.
 Salad Tomato with leek.
 Lettuce Salad with lemon slices.
 Onion dill spaghetti with cheese.
 Macaroni with leek.
 Macaroni with vegetables.
 Onion dill spaghetti.
 Spinach Salad with beets and garlic.
 Spinach Salad, with egg.
 Nettles with walnuts.
 Onion Salad, with pickled cucumber.
 Salad Tomatoes with onion.
 Paprika salad with tomato.
 Radish salad with cucumber.
 Rice with ham and corn Salad.
 Rice with vegetables.
Recipes of Russian cuisine. 5 petals Cabbage salad with beets, apple, ham and peas.
 Sorrel casserole.
Recipes of Russian cuisine. Squids Salad.
 Fried string bean with chicken breast.
 Fried string bean with Ham.
 Fried string bean with Ketchup.
Recipes of Russian cuisine. Stuffed Cabbage with vegetables.
 Tomato salad with cheese.
 Tomato salad with rice.
 Tomatoes stuffed with apples.
 Tomatoes stuffed with cheese.
 Tomatoes stuffed with chicken.
 Tomatoes stuffed with pork and rice.
 Tomatoes stuffed with rice and sweet paprika.
 Turnip salad.

 Soup Contents.
 White Bean Soup with ham.
 Navy Bean Soup with smoked bone.
 Cold Soup with beets, mushrooms and kvass.
 Cold Soup with beet and sour milk.
 Cold Soup with carrots, beets and sour milk.
 Beet soup - Svekolnik.
 Beetroot soup - Svekolnik with honey.
 Borscht with mushrooms. Beetroot Hot red soup.
 Beetroot hot soup with beans and balls - Borscht.
 Beetroot hot soup with ham - Borscht.
 Beetroot soup with smoked goose - Borscht.
 Beetroot soup vegetarian - Borscht.
 Borscht with dill seeds, Beetroot soup vegetarian.
 Beetroot hot soup with mushrooms - Borscht.
 Beetroot hot soup with spinach - Borscht.
 Beetroot hot soup with squids - Borscht.
 Beetroot hot soup with pork and beans - Borscht.
 Soup from fresh cabbage - Shchi.
 Beet Cold soup - Borsch.
 Broth with stuffed cucumbers.
 Cold Soup with sauerkraut and mushrooms.
 Okroshka with beets - Cold Soup.
 Cabbage Soup with meatballs.
 Mushroom soup.
 Mushrooms hot soup with cereal.
 Mushrooms soup with prunes.
 Mushrooms soup with squash.
 Mushrooms - chicken hot soup.
 Mushrooms greenery soup.
 Spinach soup.
 Noodles mushrooms - chicken soup.
 Okroshka with meat - Cold Soup.
 Okroshka with beef - Cold Soup.
 Okroshka with carrot - Cold Soup.
 Potato with meat hot soup.
 Soup from sauerkraut - Shchi.
 Hot soup with cheese and mushrooms.
 Hot soup with millet and sauerkraut.
 Sorrel soup.
 Sorrel soup with potatoes.
 Cold soup with black currant leaves.
 Cold soup with dandelions flowers.
 Okroshka with sorrel and potatoes. Cold Soup.
 Okroshka with radish and sour milk. Cold Soup.
 Okroshka with wild rose fruits. Cold Soup.
 Cold Soup with spinach and beets.
 Cold Soup with beets and kvass.

 Pumpkin, Zucchini, Squash Contents.
 Baked Pumpkin.
 Millet Porridge with Pumpkin.
 Pumpkin - apples salad, with spices.
 Baked Pumpkin in eggs -cream mixture.
 Pumpkin and apples baked.
 Pumpkin casserole.
 Pumpkin Pancakes.
 Pumpkin - Apples casserole.
 Pumpkin Rhubarb jam.
 Pumpkin Rolls.
 Pumpkin - melon salad.
 Pumpkin salad with walnuts.
 Pumpkin salad with pot cheese.
 Stuffed pumpkin with rice and raisins.
 Stuffed squash with tofu, baked.
 Squash with cabbage.
 Squash salad with Soya meat.
 Zucchini, Squash or pumpkin, baked.
 Zucchini cinnamon cake. Squash, pumpkin.
 Zucchini, Squash cutlets, patties.
 Fried Zucchini.
 Fried Zucchini flowers, fritters.
 Squash - potatoes cutlets, patties.
 Zucchini or Squash with meat and rice stuffed.
 Stuffed Zucchini or Squash with rice and vegetables.
 Stuffed zucchini or squash flowers.

Healthy recipes from Russia. Pot cheese. Contents.
 Apples stuffed with Pot cheese.
 Sweet cake with cottage cheese.
Healthy recipes from Russia. Cheese with caraway seeds.
 Cheese with poppy seeds.
 Cheese with butter.
 Cheese with cinnamon.
 Cheese Balls fried in Oil.
 Cheese Balls - Klocki, boiled in water. 
 Cheese Balls with potatoes.
 Cheese Balls coated with grated Crab meat. 
 Cheese with chicken meat Balls - Klocki, boiled in chicken broth.
 Cheese with herring Balls. Healthy recipes from Russia.
 Cheese eggs Balls. Eggs stuffed with cheese.
 Cottage cheese cutlets.
 No bake. Sweet cake with cottage cheese.
 Pelmeni with pot cheese.
 Stuffed prunes with cottage cheese.
 Cookies with cottage cheese, baked.
 Cookies with cottage cheese and cinnamon, baked.
 Cookies with cottage cheese and vanilla, doughnut - fried pastry.
 Cookies with cottage cheese and cinnamon, Doughnut - Fried pastry.
 Pot cheese Cookies with cinnamon, baked.
 Galushki with pot cheese.
 Kolyadki with fillings, with pot cheese, or cheese.
 Paskha - sweet cheesecake, with almonds, cooked.
 Paskha - sweet cheesecake with raisins.
 Paskha, cooked in milk from cottage cheese.
 Paskha pink - sweet cheesecake with jam.
 Chocolate Paskha - sweet cake, from sour cream.
 Cottage cheese Scones or cookies with almonds.
 Pot cheese casserole with fruit and vegetables.
 Pot cheese casserole with raisins.
 Pot cheese with dried fruit and walnuts.
 Cottage cheese with dried apricots and kiwi.
 Pot cheese souffle.
 Pot cheese patties.

 Potatoes Contents.
 Klecky - Potato Balls Milk Soup.
 Old Russian Salad.
 Pie with potatoes filling.
 Potato mushroom Cutlets.
 Potato cutlets.
 Potato fried.
 Potato Galushky.
 Mashed potatoes. Oatmeal Kisel (Jelly).
 Potato oladie with filling.
 Potato Pancakes.
 Potatoes putties.
 Potato Pie.
 Potato Roll with egg.
 Potato Rolls.
 Potatoes stuffed with prawns.
 Potatoes stuffed with cheese.
 Potatoes stuffed with herring.
 Potatoes stuffed with mushrooms.
 Potatoes roasted with chicken.
 Salad Vinaigrette.
 Young potatoes with cream.
 Young potatoes with garlic cloves.

Russian cooking. Pickles Contents.
 Adzhika Salad - vegetables caviar. Canned. Russian cooking.
 Canned string beans. Pickles.
 Pickled Beets, canned.
 Beets with vegetables, canned.
 Beets Relish.
 Cabbage Pickles, canned.
 Sauerkraut with carrot and apples.
 Sauerkraut with carrot.
 Sauerkraut with beets.
 Sauerkraut with cranberry.
 Sauerkraut with cumin and dill seeds.
 Cauliflower Pickles, canned.
 Cauliflower with beet pickles.
 Cherry Vinegar.
 Fresh Cucumbers, canned with candle.
 Cucumbers pickles, canned.
 Cucumbers Pickled in the Tomato juice, canned.
 Fresh Cucumbers in egg white.
 Dandelions Jam.
 The to preserves herbs.
 Pickled mushrooms.
 Mushroom Salad with vegetables. Russian cooking.
 Pickled onion rings.
 Sauerkraut with garlic and horseradish.
 Zucchini or Squash Salad with vegetables.
 Squash and vegetables pickles. Canned. 
 Green Tomato Salad with vegetables.
 Tomato Salad, canned.
 Apples Vinegar.
 Zucchini Compote. Pumpkin Rolls.
 Zucchini Jam. Pumpkin Rolls.

 Contents Mushrooms.
 Hot White Beans with mushrooms.
 Cabbage fried with mushrooms.
 Cabbage with mushrooms, Stewed.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with mushroom.
 Ham with mushroom, Salad , puff.
 Kolyadki with mushrooms filling.
 Macaroni with mushrooms.
 Mushrooms in sour cream.
 Pelmeni with mushrooms.
 Pelmeni with mushrooms and ham.
 Mushrooms salad with green peas.
 Mushroom sauce.
 Mushrooms, stewed in oleomargarine.
 Noodles, made in home, Casserole with mushrooms.
 Paprika stuffed with mushrooms.
 Pizza with mushrooms.
 Potato with mushrooms.
 Potato Roll with mushrooms.
 Rasstegai with mushrooms.
 Rice with mushrooms and carrot.
 Rice with mushrooms and dill.
 Cucumber Salad with Mushrooms.
 Solyanka with black bread, sauerkraut and mushrooms.
 Solyanka with cucumbers, cabbage and fresh mushrooms.
 Solyanka with cabbage, potatoes and mushrooms.
 Tomato salad with mushrooms.
 Tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms.
 Salad Vinaigrette with mushrooms.

 Meat: Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Veal.
 Braised beef in the pot.
 Chickens, Stewed in Sour Cream.
 Chicken legs with spices baked in the oven, serve with broccoli.
 Chicken legs baked with potatoes in the oven.
 Chicken cutlets.
 Fried Chicken breasts.
 Chicken fillet fried in the batter.
 Chicken Salad with carrot and green peas. Olivie.
 Ham Salad with cheese and olives. Olivie.
 Chicken salad, puffed. Russian cuisine. Healthy recipes.
 Chicken salad with fresh cucumbers. Russian cuisine. Healthy recipes.
 Chicken salad with tomatoes. Russian cuisine. Healthy recipes.
 Stuffed duck with apples and buckwheat.
 Kolyadki with fillings, with potatoes, or carrot, or millet.
 Kulebyaka with meat and cabbage.
 Kulebyaka with potatoes and mushrooms.
 Fried Chicken liver.
 Liver in sour cream sauce.
 Macaroni with ground beef and green onion.
 Macaroni with chicken breast.
 Meat, pork with veal and rice cutlets.
 Potato Salad with green peas. Olivie.
 Stuffed Paprika with meat filling.
 Pelmeni with ground meat.
 Siberian Pelmeni with meat or cabbage.
 Pelmeni with sorrel-spinach-green onion, or with chicken, or with fish and mushrooms.
 Pelmeni with mushrooms and pork.
 Pelmeni with potatoes or mushrooms.
 Pelmeni with buckwheat, or with poppy seeds.
 Pizza with ham and chicken.
 Chicken fillet baked in the oven, in the pot. Puffed with vegetables.
 Rice with ground meat Balls: hedgehogs.
 Rice with chicken breasts.
 Pozharsky Rissoles.
 Rump steak.
 Solyanka meat, poultry, game, tongue, kidneys, ham and sausage.
 Tangy Venison in gravy.
 Stuffed Cabbage with meat: pork and beef.
 Stuffed goose with apples.
 Stuffed goose with cabbage.
 Stuffed goose with apples and cumin.
 Tongue in Aspic.

 Russian cuisine. Healthy recipes. Fish Contents.
 Russian cuisine. Healthy recipes. Codfish potatoes balls with ketchup or horseradish sauce.
 Fried Bream.
 Fried Bream coated in the oats.
 Fish - leek cutlets.
 Fish - potato cutlets.
 Fish in Aspic (Zalivnoe).
 Lettuce with pancakes and salmon. Russian cuisine. Healthy recipes.
 Fish salad with eggs, puffed.
 Fish salad with carrot, puffed.
 Herring salad with red beets, puffed.
 Fish soup, Salmon.
 Haddock baked in the oven.
 Kulebyaka with fish and buckwheat.
 Village Pelmeni with fish.
 Rasstegai with fish.
 Fried Bream roe.
 Salmon salted with spices.
 Salmon salted with spices.
 Baked sturgeon with mushrooms.
 Tuna salad.
 Uha - Fish broth.
 Uha - Fish broth with Celery.
 Codfish baked with carrot.
 Zander in Oatmeal.
 Codfish or zander Stewed.

 Eggs Contents.
 Eggs stuffed with roe.
 Eggs stuffed with cheese.
 Eggs stuffed with mushrooms.
 Eggs stuffed with liver.
 Eggs stuffed with herring.
 Eggs stuffed with greenery.
 Omelette with ham.
 Omelette with greenery.
 Eggs with vegetables.
 Omelette with string beans.

 Drinks and Beverages Contents.
 Chocolate Kissel (Jelly). Oatmeal Kissel (Jelly).
 Milk Honey Kissel (Jelly). Oatmeal jelly.
 Honey with lemon juice. Kissel (Jelly). Oatmeal jelly.
 Berries Kissel (Jelly). Oatmeal jelly.
 Rye bread Kvass - Cold beverage.
 Apple Kvass - Cold beverage.
 Beet Kvass with citric acid.
 Beet Kvass.
 Cherry Kvass - Cold beverage.
 Cranberry Kvass. Ancient recipe. Cold beverage.
 Currant Kvass - Cold beverage.
 Homes Kvass - Cold beverage.
 Mint Kvass - Cold beverage.
 Peters Kvass - Cold beverage. Okroshka - Cold Soup.
 Home made kefir with berry jam.
 Home made kefir.
 Beetroot wine.
 Zbiten with wine and herbs an old Russian beverage.
 Zbiten with cardamom. Oatmeal Kissel (Jelly).
 Zbiten with hop. Oatmeal Kissel (Jelly).
 Zbiten with alcohol.
 Zbiten with Melissa. Oatmeal jelly.
 Zbiten with cowberry or a cranberry. Oatmeal Kissel (Jelly).
 Zbiten with tea and alcohol.

Recipes from Russia. Desserts Contents.
 Stuffed Apples with raisins.
 Stuffed pears with walnuts.
 Stuffed apples with walnuts, baked.
 Stuffed apples with raisins, baked.
 Stuffed apples with carrot.
 Sharlotka apple pie from old bread.
 Sharlotka apple pie.
 Sharlotka apple pie with wine.
 Bread Pudding with raisins.
 Stuffed apples with cottage cheese.
 Sharlotka, red or black currants.
 No bake cookies with oatmeal! Recipes from Russia.
 Guryev porridge.
 Ice cream with cocoa.
 Ice cream with cinnamon and walnuts. Oatmeal Kisel (Jelly).
 Ice cream - Cream. Oatmeal Kisel (Jelly).
 Ice cream with orange zest.
 Ice cream with golden syrup.
 Ice cream, with apples puree.
 Ice cream, Milk. Oatmeal Kisel (Jelly).
 Ice cream Plombir with chocolate.
 Ice cream Plombir with rum.
 Berries Kisel (Jelly). Oatmeal jelly.
 No bake small Cakes with vanilla.
 No bake small Cakes with cocoa.
 No bake small Cakes with cinnamon.
 Oatmeal Kisel (Jelly). Dandelions Jam.
 Peach in the wine. Oatmeal jelly.
 Stuffed prunes with walnuts.
 Guryev Pudding. Oatmeal Kisel (Jelly).
 Stuffed quince with walnuts. Baked.
 Sochivo rice, poppy seeds.
 Sochivo wheat with honey, walnuts, poppy seeds.
 Wheat sprouts with cedar nuts and banana.
 Beet root with lentils sprouts and dill.
 Berries with sprouts and honey.
 Cabbage with sprouts and cream.
 Dates with oats sprouts.
 Wheat sprouts with figs.
 Fruits with sprouts and oil.
 Cucumbers with wheat sprouts and cream.
 Kohlrabi with oats sprouts and zest.
 Orange with wheat sprouts and almonds.
 Wheat sprouts with prunes.
 Sunflowers seeds sprouts with cedar nuts.

 Contents of the Coffee recipes.
 Contents of the Coffee recipes e-book.
Free ebook with coffee recipes Acorn coffee.
Free ebook with coffee recipes Almond coffee.
 Anatole coffee.
 Arabic coffee.
 Barley coffee.
 Black Cinnamon coffee.
 Black Forest Mocha.
 Black Gold coffee.
 Blue Morning Choice coffee.
 Boston Caribbean coffee.
 Brandy coffee.
Free ebook with coffee recipes Brazilian Coffee.
 Bum Bum coffee.
 Burning Coffee.
 Cafe au Lait coffee.
 Instant Cafe au Lait coffee.
 All Canadian coffee.
 Capriccio coffee.
 Chicory roots coffee.
 Chocolate coffee.
 Chocolate Cappuccino coffee mix.
 Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino.
 Cinnamon coffee.
 Coffee Cloud coffee.
 Coffee Float.
 Coffee Frosting.
 Cafe Mixes.
 Coffee Soda.
 Cowboy Coffee.
 Dandelions roots coffee.
 Dounga coffee.
 Eggnog Latte.
 Cafe Francais.
 Frosty Mochas.
 Grape seeds coffee.
 Heart Throb coffee.
 Honey coffee.
 Hot Kiss coffee.
 Iced Cafe Au Lait.
 Iced Cappuccino.
 Iced Chocolate Espresso.
 Iced coffee Slush.
 Ice coffee.
 Pineapple juice coffee.
 Ice cream hot coffee.
 Indian coffee.
 Irish coffee.
 Italian coffee.
 Cafe Latte mix.
 Lemon coffee.
 Hot Liquor Coffee.
 Cafe Cocoa L orange.
 Coffee of love.
 Maraschino coffee.
 Mexican coffee.
 Milkshakes coffee.
 Mint Cocoa coffee.
 Mint Nutmeg coffee.
 Cafe Mocha.
 Mocha Espresso Coffee Mix.
 Mocha Yava coffee.
 Morning coffee.
 Nogged coffee.
 Oats Barley coffee.
 Odorous coffee.
 Orange Nutmeg Coffee Mix.
 Persimmon coffee.
 Praline Coffee.
 Raspberry Cappuccino.
 Raspberry Truffle Latte.
 Rey coffee.
 Rum Brandy coffee.
 Russian coffee.
 Salty coffee.
 South of the Border Coffee.
 Spanish coffee.
 Spiced allspice coffee.
 Spiced Orange coffee.
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 Thai coffee.
 Toffee coffee mix.
 Turkish coffee.
 Cocoa egg yolk coffee.
 Vanilla Almond coffee.
 Rich Vanilla Coffee Mix.
 Cafe Vienna Coffee Mix.
 Viennese coffee.
 Viennese brandy coffee.
 Vietnamese Iced coffee.
 Cup of coffee with Vodka.
 War corn meal coffee.
 White Chocolate coffee.
Free ebook with coffee recipes Yolk Ice cream coffee.

 Carrots Contents.
 Carrot cake with cocoa.
 Carrot cake with butter. Russian cooking and cuisine.
 Carrot cake with jam.
 Carrot cake with bread crumbs.
 Carrot cake with oats.
 Carrots Cutlets.
 Carrots Lepeshka (pancakes).
 Carrots tortilla, baked.
 Carrot cake with butter. Russian cooking and cuisine.
 Carrot eggs pie.
 Carrot salad with Rhubarb juice.
 Carrot salad with cranberry.
 Carrot salad with green onion.
 Cauliflower salad with turnip and carrot.
 Carrot salad with raisin.
 Carrot salad with spices.
 Salad - Carrot with nettles and walnuts.
 Patties with carrot filling.

 Contents Beans.
 Bean cake.
 White Beans with chicken breast.
 Beans cucumbers Salad.
 White Beans with ham.
 Beans salad with mayonnaise.
 Bean pie or Patties.
 White Beans Salad with tomato.
 Beans Salad with tomato sauce.
 Hot white Beans stewed.
 Brown Beans salad with mayonnaise.

 Baking contents. Pastry, Cakes, Pies, Cookies.
 Blini Beer pancakes.
 Cake Birds Milk.
 Blinchiky - pancakes.
 Blini - pancakes.
 Blini filled with meat - pancakes.
 Blini millet and flour - pancakes. Russian cuisine.
 Blini millet and semolina Blini - pancakes.
 Blini filled with pot cheese - pancakes.
 Bread rolls, homemade, crusty.
 Buckwheat cakes.
 Buckwheat blini - pancakes.
 Cheese Pie.
 Ginger cookies with cloves.
 Cookies with cinnamon, fried.
 Rolls with nuts or poppy seeds.
 Oatmeal Cookies.
 Oatmeal Cookies with walnuts and chocolate.
 Farina sweet Cake.
 Farina cake with cinnamon.
 Hvorost - Brushwood.
 Round bread - Kalach.
 Karavai from pancakes with meat.
 Kulich cake without yeast.
 Kulich Cake with almonds.
 Napoleon puff Cake with beaten sweet butter.
 Nuts with sweet filling - pastry.
 Oatmeal Cutlets, healthy.
 Olady - pancakes.
 Olady with Apples - pancakes.
 Olady with spinach or nettles, pancakes.
 Apples puff pie.
 Pie with Blueberry.
 Pie with buckwheat and mushrooms.
 Pie with cabbage filling.
 Pie with carrot filling.
 Pie with fish and rice filling.
 Pie with apple jam.
 Pie with mushrooms. Russian cuisine. Healthy recipes.
 Pie with green onion filling.
 Pie with rice and eggs.
 Pie with spinach or nettles.
 Gingerbread cinnamon ginger.
 Holiday cloves gingerbreads.
 Honey gingerbreads.
 Honey gingerbreads with cinnamon, almonds.
 Gingerbreads - New Year, with cocoa.
 Gingerbreads with Mint syrup.
 White gingerbreads with starch.
 Sour Cream Cake.
 Patties with buckwheat.

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