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Old Izborsk, fortress of the 9 - 14 century. Truvorovo town site.

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The settlement of Old Izborsk is located 30 kilometers west of Pskov. The first mention about Izborsk refers to 862 and it is concerned with the legend about calling the Varangian grand princes for reign: Ruyrik, Sineus and Truvor. The Pskovities invited Ruyrik to Pskov and made him their prince.
According to the chronicle Izborsk is older than Pskov. But due to advantageous geographical location Pskov grew and developed much faster and Izborsk gradually turned to a subjected to Pskov town.
The church of the St. Nicholas on the Truvorovo town site.

  The church of the St. Nicholas on the Truvorovo town site. The ancient Truvorovo town site, i. e. it is ancient hill-fort. Ancient ruins at Izborsk. Its fortifications have not remained.


Pskov. Fortress and Towers. Second World War During the second World War all Pskov's region were occupied by the fascists for three years. A lot of people lost their lives for the liberation of the mother land. The alive people kept holy the memory about them.


The picturesque nature, plenty of forests, rivers, lakes create the perfect conditions for rest. Under Izborsk there still flow springs, called "the Slavensky springs". It is wonderful springs of Youth, a Love and Beauty. Outdoors, Izborsk's beauty and diversity offer fun for every season. 
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