Hotels and museums of old Pskov city, Russia.

Pskov.  Monument statue of St.Olga.

On 23 July 2003 monument statue of St.Olga by famous architect Klykov was opened in the park near with Church Wasili on the Hill. 

Pskov is very ancient Russian city. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 903. Olga, the first Russian Christian woman and a wise governor of Russia founded it.

Hotel Rizhskaya. Pskov city Monument of St. Olga. All pictures was taken by Natalie, July 23, 2003 year, 1.00 - 2.00 p.m.:


tower on the bank of the Velikaya river Monument statue of St.Olga by famous architect Klykov:

On 22 July 2003 was solemnly opened Monument of St. Olga.>>>