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The small Russian town of Pechory. 
Pechorsky monastery, fortress of the 16 century.The Large Belfry.

Belfry, old bell-tower. Pskov city. Russia.The Large Belfry, a typically Pskovian 16th - century building, is located on the eastern side of Dormition Cathedral.
The Great bell-tower has a unique set of bells. Among thirteen bells of the bell-tower there are real masterpieces of the beginning of the 16th to the 19th centuries.

According to chronicle the three largest bells - festive, polyeleiny and Great fasting - were presented to the monastery by Russians tsars Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, and Peter the Great. The rest of the bells, cast in the Pskov area, are also very old.

In the early 18th century it received an additional span for a bell given to the monastery by Peter the Great. This addition, made above the belfry's basic tier, and the little clock - tower with its tent roof make the Large Belfry unusually asymmetrical and distinctive.

There are various chimes on different occasions. One chime is for Great fast, the other for every day service, special chimes are for funeral ceremony and quite peculiar is festive chime for All-Night Virgil.

The clock in the tower operates on a weight in the form of large barrel moves in a wooden shaft built onto the back of the tower. The clock mechanism is linked by ropes to the bells. Every quarter-hour the small bells chime melodically, and one of the larger ones marks the hours.Russian town of Pechory, Pskov city, Pushkin,biography, poetry, poems, history, architecture, chuch, monastery, fortress, towers



Rissian town of Pechory on the border with Estonia

Church Dormition and Intercession

The Vestiary

The ancient caves

The Large Belfry

The Church of the Annunciation

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