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Pechorsky monastery, fortress of the 16 century, caves.
Church of the Dormition and Church of the Intercession

Hermits once upon a time lived in these caves above the forest stream. It was they who founded a church of the caves here in 1473. The monastery took shape two centuries later in the 16 th century, when it became necessary to strengthen the northwest boundary of the unfilled Russian state. Then the monastery turned into a powerful, inaccessible (as its later history was to show) fortress.

The Pechory Monastery was founded in 1473.Fighting towers were built along the 800-metre long wall.
The Pechory Monastery was founded in 1473 when the Church of the Dormition was built in a cave on a sandy slope. A lot the monastery buildings date to the second half of the 16 th century when Cornelius, an educated man, a prominent politician, and a patron of artistic crafts was Father Superior. He turned the monastery into a fortress. The walls and towers were erected mainly in 1565.
The monastery especially has got stronger and has grown in 16 century ... were constructed the majority of buildings and fortress with towers. Tsars Ivan the Terrible (Groznie) came to time (during) of war in a monastery to pray. As it is necessary to meet the honorable visitors (quests), Cornelius has met king with bread and salt and has asked him the sanctions to enclose, to construct around monastery of constructions a wall of fortress. King has allowed a fortress to build, but provided that it should be very small and should go in on a skin of the bull (of such fortress what will allow bull`s skin). Cornelius has given the promise to do in accuracy all to execute and to not break this condition.
King was at war with the army near to Riga 7 years. Coming back in Moscow he has decided (solved) again to visit the Pechory Monastery, but on that place there was a huge fortress. King was in fury having seen it and his suspicions there was no end. Under the information of the servants king knew, that Cornelius corresponded with an enemy. Tsar (king) Ivan the Terrible suspected of unfaithfulness of Russia Cornelius and ... And here also a fortress around of a monastery has built up... what the is huge! Angry king has seen Cornelius, which met by his bread and salt at a gate of a monastery and fortress, both has pulled out sword and has chopped off Cornelius a head. The head was rolled on a slope downwards, on a road, which conducts to basic of monastery to buildings.... And tsar (king) have repented of the mortal sin, has picked up a falling body of the dying monk. But the man need not return! King has presented a monastery in expiation of the mortal sin rich treasures, gifts, the bell (it and now hangs on Large Belfry of monastery - this bell is largest - 4 tons weigh). But life the man cannot to return!
And the body Cornelius was put in a sacred shrine and is buried in a temple, here it is today. Cornelius was very talented hardworking and enterprising. He very much loved the monastery, and Russia. The order of king on construction of such fortress what will allow a skin of bull, Cornelius has not broken, he simply has cut a bull's skin in very thin strip and has rounded with these strips all constructions of a monastery and all churches of a monastery. On them walls of a fortress with towers also were under construction. So the legend tells!
28. 08. 1998 Monastery was 525 years.
The Cathedral of the Dormition (it is lower part is an ancient cave church, sanctified in 1473. Nearly three hundred years later, in 1759, an attractive baroque structure was built above it - the Church of the Intercession. The two churches have a common facade. It is very crowded inside the cave church. On especially solemn occasions the church service is therefore celebrated outside, and the facade of the Dormition Cathedral is turned into an iconostasis of sorts. The church does not have an opposite facade - it seemingly merges with the hillside.
The stars on the decorative domes of the churches twinkle beyond the monastery wall.



Rissian town of Pechory on the border with Estonia

Church Dormition and Intercession

The Vestiary

The ancient caves

The Large Belfry

The Church of the Annunciation

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