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Pechorsky monastery, fortress of the 16 century, caves.  
The small Russian town of Pechory. The Vestiary.

The small Russian town of Pechory. The Vestiary.The Vestiary stands by the staircase on the lower landing, but its porch, which joins its second and third floors, looks out onto the upper landing. It faces the belfry and is joined to it by ropes of bells. The Vestiary building is richly decorated: red walls, white window-platbands, a dark-blue dome sprinkled with stars, a roof in the shape of a cupola with slit-like windows, and horizontal white lines diving the building into two floors. One floor of the Vestiary was a library, and the other, the Vestiary proper.
Examples of Russian applied art were collected in the Vestiary over many centuries. It contains gold and silver crosses decorated with precious gems and large pearls, gospels with precious covers, gold and silver vessels, chased censors, mitres, brocade vestments, gold-embroidered shrouds and many other items of great artistic value. The monastery library includes an enormous collection of ancient manuscripts and incunabula.

Pechorsky monastery, fortress of the 16 century, Vestiary.The Collection of ancient printed books was one of the richest in early Russia.



Church of St. Lazar was built in 1800. Monastery.Church of St. Lazar was built in 1800.



The Holy Gates to monastery and to the fortress.The Holy Gates to monastery.




The church of Intersession, the entrance to caves.The church of Intersession and , the entrance to caves.


fortress ancient russian town Rissian town of Pechory on the border with Estonia

fortress ancient russian town Church Dormition and Intercession

fortress ancient russian town The Vestiary

fortress ancient russian town The ancient caves

fortress anf ancient russian monastery in town Pskov The Large Belfry

ancient russian monastery The Church of the Annunciation


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