Pskov churches and monasteries

I still remember that amazing moment. Pskov churches and monasteries, A collection of poetry from Russia, civilian houses, merchant chambers Faina's song

Each time into your eyes I gaze
With my own snake - like narrow eyes
And touch you tenderly,

Beware! I`m serpent through and through!
I only once belonged to you,
I left you high and dry!

You leave me could! Out of my sight!
I`ll be with someone else tonight!
You have a wife to cling to!

Go, she banish your distress,
So let her kiss, let her caress,
Go, or my whip shall sting you!

Enter my garden if you dare,
Defy my black and slit - eyed stare,
I`ll burn you up alive!

I am all spring! I am all flame!
Don`t you come to me, just the same -
I wait for those I love!

Whoever`s young, whoever`s old,
Whever`s gives most ringing gold,
Come at my ringing call!

But as for beauty, or grey hairs,
Or for that foolish head of yours -
Whistle, thin lash, and fall.

6. 02. 1908, Alexander Blok.

Pskov churches and monasteries Olga Bergholts

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