Pskov churches and monasteries

There`s one joy left to me. Pskov churches and monasteries, A collection of poetry from Russia, civilian houses, merchant chambers I loved

The heart committed to the snowstorm.

Last of the needless, glitter bright
Out in the snow!

Arise, fire - breathing dark of night!
Stir your snow - dust and blow!

Slay me, as I once slew
My dear ones long ago.

I loved, but have forgotten who,
I wrapped my heart in snows that blew,
I harled my heart down mountain ways
It lies far, far below!

I walk into your bonfire`s blaze!
Consume me!

Fly to me,
O winged gaze,
With needle of snow fire run through me!

13. 1. 1907. Alexander Blok.

Pskov churches and monasteries Olga Bergholts

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