Pskov churches and monasteries

Pskov churches and monasteries, Past and present, civilian houses, merchant chambers Love is unbounded.

I wish
That the world
Were enfolded in love!
See how love bewitches
The world, makes it me happy! Enjoy such love,
It`s rolling in riches.

It can be the love that your homeland instils,
Or filial feeling,
The world wrapped in love is aglow with love`s thrill.
And giddily reeling.

Regard it as love for the children you cherish,
Or for your beloved,
But people devoid of all love and all relish
Shall not be discovered.
So widely the world is enfolded in love
That in love`s embraces
It swarms in the earth with the tombstones above
And smiles and grimaces.

The world in love needs not the frontier lines
That hate used to nourish.
May emblems of state, coats of arms interwine
To blossom and flourish!
So love, notwithstanding, the flowers you take
Shall not be confounded,
But testify: borders no difference make,
For love is unbounded.

Leonid Martynow (1905 - 1980), Russia.

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