Pskov churches and monasteries

A. Pushkin. Pskov churches and monasteries, A collection of poetry from Russia, civilian houses, merchant chambers Madonna

It`s young she was and beautiful too,
A madonna for no man`s taking,
As bright as the sheen on the tranguil stream.
My heart was the nearer to breaking!

So carefree she was, as the faraway blue
A swan between sleeping and waking;
Who knows, but perhaps there was sadness too …
My heart was the nearer to breaking! …

But as she sang softly of love that is true,
My soul was in sympathy,
But passion was the nearer to breaking! …

Alexander Blok, 27. 07. 1898.

Pskov churches and monasteries Olga Bergholts

Каталог сайтов Пскова Псковский Топ. Сайты г.Пскова и Псковской области

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