Church of the Nativity and Church Intercession of the Virgin in Pskov.
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Church of the Nativity and Intercession of the Virgin. Intercession Tower, the 16 th century. There are Church of the Nativity and Church Intercession of the Virgin in Pskov. The restoration by the architect V. P. Smirnov. 

Two little churches "in the corner" of the fortress at the foot of the Intercession Tower remind us of the heroic defense of Pskov against the troops of Stephan Batory. It is monument to the honour of the heroic defense of Pskov from Bathory's troops in 1581.

So the decisive attack on Pskov was a great failure. The further attempts of Stephan Bathory to conquer Pskov through a siege of 170 days was not a success either. On February, 1582, the last detachments of the Bathory's army left the unconquered town.

The legend about St. Nicholas 
who saved Pskov city from the anger of Ivan IV.

St. Nicholas had saved Pskov from being destroyed by Ivan the Terrible's troops. After the cruel executions a pogroms committed in Novgorod the Tsar accompanied by his retainers was on his way to Pskov.
A legend states that Nicholas rode a wooden stick back to the tsar, constantly repeating: "Ivanushko, have a bread and salt, not Christian blood!" The tsar ordered to size him but the blessed turned invisible.
Having visited St. Trinity Cathedral he came to see blessed Nicholas in his cell. Nicholas blamed the tsar for being so cruel.
The legend says that Nicholas offered a piece of raw meat to the tsar. The tsar refused: "Though I am tsar, I don't eat meat during Lent".
Nicholas replied: "I know you are tsar, and maybe you don't eat meat during Lent, but you do much wors. You feed yourself with human flesh and drink human blood. He predicted misfortunes for the tsar and the last left the city immediately. After blessed Nicholas died, he was buried with Pskov's princes in Trinity Cathedral.