The monument of Alexander Nevsky on Sokolya Hill.
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The monument of Alexander Nevsky on Sokolya (Falcon`s) Hill Alexander Nevsky memorial, in honor of his victory over the Teutonic Knights at Chudskoye Lake in 1242, was unveiled on June 24 th 1993, when Pskov was celebrating its 1090 th anniversary. The monument, on Sokolikh hill, just outside the town, stands along the route that the Russian warriors took to the "Battle on the Ice", which was determine the fate of Russia and Russian culture.

The history of Pskov counts many sieges and raids. But it was conquered only once - by the Livonian knights in 1240.

In 1240 Year the Livonian knights intruded in Pskovian Land. Izborsk was captured. Then the enemies besieged Pskov. Historical records tell to us Posadnik Tverdila "had secret talks with Germans" and after that he let the German knights' detachment enter the town. Pskov was invaded by the Germans.

Prince Alexander Yaroslavowich Nevsky was commander-in-chief of the Novgorodian troops. He got his nickname Nevsky for his victory over the Swedes on the Neva River in 1240. In 1242 the united Russian troops came up Pskov, liberated the town and moved to the principalities occupied by the knights. A decisive battle took place on the 5 th of April 1242 on the ice of Chudskoye Lake. The troops of the knights having been wedge-shaped broke through the Russian regiments but were surrounded and beaten.

About the monument.

Alexander Nevsky memorial, in honor of his victoryThe monument was molded at the foundry "Monument - Sculpture" in St. Petersburg in the design of the sculptor I. I. Kozlovsky and the architect P. S. Butenko.
Bronze, granite. Height is 30 metres. Weight is 163 ton.