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Trinity Cathedral in old Kremlin.Here is the main building of ancient Pskov - Trinity Cathedral, with its high, white walls. Holy Trinity Cathedral stands on the right bank of the Velikaya River.
Trinity Cathedral was the symbol of the entire Pskov land, for Pskov was regarded as specially protected by the Holy Trinity. Here the state council of the ancient republic sat, the most important documents (public and private), old Dovmont's two-handle knight sword were kept, and the chronicle was written. The Dovmont's sword with its gothic blade was forged in Austrian town of Passau and in 15 th century it was used as a symbol of the coronation of the prince of Pskov. Now this sword is exhibited in the historical Museum of Pskov.

The shrine of the Saint Prince Vsevolod-Gavriil and Saint Prince Dovmont (crypt with earthly remains) is the main sacred object of the Trinity Cathedral and for Pskovian Christian people even today.
The most famous state figures of ancient Pskov still lie beneath Trinity Cathedral. 
Trinity Cathedral as we see it today was built at the end of the late 17 th century in the Muscovite architectural style, but received the same site and the same dynamic outlines by heritage. It seems to focus all of the city's artistic energy in one spot. Excluding its cross; the cathedral stands exactly 78 meters high, that is, as a 27-28 story modern building.

It was rebuilt a few times in the 10 th, 12 th and 14 th centuries. The origin of the Pskov Cathedral dates back to the time of Princess Olga.
After she was baptized in Constantinople in 957. St. Olga visited the native Pskovian land. When Olga stood on the left bank of the river, admiring the place where Pskov would emerge shortly after wards, and at that time covered with dense woods and groves, she saw three sunrays coming from heaven and illuminating in miraculous triple light the site where the Cathedral stands now. Olga understood the miraculous sign from God. Olga decided to built here church of the Holy Trinity dedicated Father, Son and Holy Spirit Olga erected a cross on the spot, which was later taken to the Cathedral, and upon her return to Kiev she sent much gold and silver for the Holy Trinity church to be built. The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Pskov is the oldest Cathedral in honor of the Holy Trinity in Russia. The Pskovians called their city "The House of the Holy Trinity." According to tradition, the first, wooden church was built in the 10 th century. In the 12 th century, it was replaced by a stone. The third church on the same site was built in the 14 th century.

The present cathedral.

The present, fourth, the twostoreyed cathedral with five domes, besides the main church in the name of the Holy Trinity, it has side-chapels.
Today's interior of the Cathedral formed beginning with the 17 th century to this day. The seven-tier iconostasis dates back to the time of the Cathedral's construction and has been preserved nearly intact. It is intricate gilded high-relief carvings are made in the best traditions of the baroque art.