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ancient fortresses and monasteries in Pskov cityRussia. History of old Pskov city. The trap in a fortress - "Zakhab 
  Pskov churches and monasteries, civilian houses, merchant chambers The Great (Velikaya) tower's dead-end entrance.

Pskov is ancient Russian city. Kremlin.
Pershi - wall was really chest of ancient Pskov city: stretching upwards for 20 meters from the bottom of a moat in the promontry called "Greblya". A second fortified wall guarding the main gates from the inside and called the "zakhab" was built near the Pershi wall.
Perhaps due to its position inside the gates were called "Dark".

The Persi wall combined two towers with two traps - or so-called "zakhabs" of the Great or Dark Gates and Smerdy - for people of low origin.
The road turned slightly uphill from the gates leading into the Krom and the interior of the Krom gradually came into view. By contrast with the narrow passageway of the "zakhab" the impression: inside was magnificent - and this is the effect the architects aimed to create.

At time went on, architectural ensembles of the land of Pskov were exposed to decay and ruin and to later alterations. Nowadays they all under state protection. Many of them have been raised out of ruin, carefully restored out of ruin, carefully restored, and are now an attraction for numerous tourists.
Pskov. The trap in a fortress

Ancient Russian city Pskov has celebrated
Jubilee 1100 year, 20 - 24 July 2003 year.

I would like to share with you this numerous pictures. For this photo gallery I selected the best pictures that reflect the quiet and solemn beauty of the Pskov area, its historical and cultural heritage and the spirit of its inhabitants.

Pskov lies in the north - west of Russia, on the border with Estonia, between St. Petersburg, (Pskov is 280 km far away from St. Petersburg) and Riga (Latvian). 
You can visit Kremlin, ancient fortresses and monasteries. Pskov, although a small city, has a rich cultural heritage, which is evident from the vast number of ancient monuments and merchnt's chambers, monasteries, churches and forts around Pskov. It is very ancient city.