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Fairy tales which was written by Tatyana, when she was 11 year old. These fairy tales were published in the local newspaper in 1992:

Prophetic Dreams.

There once lived an old man and an old woman. The old man was kind and hard working. The old woman was evil and lazy. One day a good magician came to them in the form of the soldier's. He said: "Help a poor hungry soldier on his way from fight." But old woman answered: "We have nothing to feed you and no time too. We are too busy for you. If you want something to eat there is a cat in the corner - catch her, smash her and she is your's!" When the old man heard this, he grew angry: "What's with you, you old witch, have you flipped? Why in the world would we eat Murky? What, as it we don't have other food, and so we have to eat the cat? She catches mice for as and sings for as wonderful songs. You want to ax such a lovely cat?!"
The old woman could say more about it: "Well, since it would be a pity to kill the cat - catch the dog." 'Yeah - whatever, old woman. What is in your head!" The old man ceased to argue with the old woman. He began to set the table, brought out the wine, honey, prepared porridge and other food and set it all before the magician. After the magician had eaten his full, he asked if there might he room for him to stay the night. Oh how the old woman screeched! "We gave you food, gave you drink and now you ask to stay the night? What are you going to ask for night?"
The old man said: "Dear soldier, don't listen to her. Old woman are old woman."
The old man made up a bed for the soldier, while he himself slept on the floor near the stove. During the night the soldier awoke, pulled out his magical book, looked - and saw what the old man and woman were dreaming. As he saw what the old man and the old woman were dreaming. As he saw nothing, he sent them both prophetic dreams. After that he laid down to sleep.
In the morning they awoke and discussed what they had seen the night before.
The old woman said: "Last night I had a dream. It was as if I was in the woods on a familiar field. I was gathering berries when I saw a hole and in it lay a snake. That is the dream I saw. I will go to that field and see if it a prophet dreams. The magician was delighted that the old woman accepted this dream as a prophet's dream, and said himself. I will teach you, old woman. I will teach you. Than the old man began to say his dream: "I dreamed that I was plowing in the field near by the river and in the river someone was wallowing and screaming. And when I went to see what the matter was, I sew that the Tsar was drowning in the river! But I saved him. He rewarded me with office and great treasure. Then I went home and the dream ended. It was probably "prophetic dream".
"Think about it" screeched the old woman. My box was richer then the Tsar himself! And he won't give you a half, no, not a fourth of what he has!"
The old man ignored the woman. He walked the magician to the road and sent him on his way. Then he began to work. He thought: "What is that really was a prophetic dream?"
And then - would you believe it - as soon as he began working, in the river someone was floundering and yelling! The old man went to the river and there was the tsar! And of course, you know what happened next. The dream was Prophetic. Well, lets look and see what happened to the old woman. As soon as the old man left to work, the old woman ran to the field, which she saw in her dream. She ran and there she saw the hole, and the whole the emerald green snake. The old woman jumped in the hole and stretched out her hand to catch the emerald snake. But it was not emerald snake, it was really alive snake.
The snake wrapped itself around her neck and said: "Many years I have laid here hungry, and now my food came to me on it's own!"
The old man came home, began to look for the old woman, but could not find her anywhere. He asked the neighbors - no one had seen her.
When evening came, same soldier, this time in his true form as a magician came to the old man and told him everything. The old man began live up and lived, never wanting for anything.
And that is how the evil and lazy old woman killed.


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The Fox, the Rabbit and the Wolf.

Prophetic Dreams.


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