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Fairy tales which was written by Tatyana, when she was 11 year old. These fairy tales were published in the local newspaper in 1992:

The Fox, the Rabbit and the Wolf.

Once upon a time in a shabby little house live a Fox. Fox was a pleasant and lived poorly. She worked from sunup to sundown and was paid very little.
In a neighboring house lived a Rabbit. Rabbit was a nobbman and had plenty of everything - meat, fish, porridge, milk and clothes. Nearby the Rabbit lived a Wolf. The Wolf was a duke and even richer that the Rabbit.
One day they chanced to meet in a nearby field and began to argue which of them was most wealthy. Fox charmed: "I am richer than all!" Rabbit said: "No, I am richer!" Than Wolf cried: "No, no. I am richer than you both!" They argued and argued, than decided who ever could bring more riches to the field was the wealthiest. In order to do this, they would each bring half of their riches to the field. They all agreed and went on their way. Fox went height away to Lion-King of all beasts, cried: "Troubles!"
"What has happened?" asked the Lion. The neighboring King has gathered a few million soldiers to fight. He will plunder and ruin you, and burn you to the ground, if it weren't for me. I know a big place where you can hide your treasures, then the animas come they will find an empty palace. It is a big field. The lion elated and commanded his servants to take all of his wealth there. The Fox chose a place where the Lion could put his riches, and waited until all of the treasure was there. After the servants and delivered all of the riches, the Fox went to check of the Wolf and Rabbit. They have also already gathered, dumped all of their riches into over place and began to laugh at the Fox. The Fox come to the Rabbits pile laughed harder.
Then the Wolf and rabbit came to the Fox riches and were amazed! Only the Lion King has that much wealth! " You won" - said sad the Wolf.  "And I agree" - said the Rabbit. They each gore Fox half of their wealth and left. This is how the Fox tricked the rich Wolf and Rabbit and grew rich. Fox wanted to give the riches of the King back to him, but gathered the troops of the opposing Kingdom. When the troops looked for the riches of the King of the animal's - they didn't find anything and left with empty hands. And the Fox gave the riches to the King, and because she saved the riches, the king rewarded her with title of "Hero" and also gave her more money! And so the Fox began to live it up - and not know hardship. What cunning the Fox!

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The Fox, the Rabbit and the Wolf.

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