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Fairy tales which was written by Tatyana, when she was 11 year old. These fairy tales were published in the local newspaper in 1992:

Wolf Lobo.fairy tales

Once upon a time there lived a very old, very evil creature. This is how the story begins (and a good beginning it is). A long time ago, when your great, great grandpa was a boy he heard a talk of how man for his rudeness and created a gigantic wolf which came to be called by people. Lobo, meaning "mighty". The wolf was evil to people but kind to the nature which surrounded him. He lived in a large cave and ate only people. (Unuss of course there weren't people around, then he would munch harmlessly on grass, which we know is healthy for all
One day a hunter was hunting in the forest. He happened upon the very hill where Lobo lived. The wolf at the time was sleeping, but even in his sleep he could smell a human near by. sensing the smell of man, the wolf awoke, came out of his cave and almost ran smack into the hunter. The hunter began to shoot at the wolf, but Lobo avoided the bullets and devoured the hunter instantly, satisfied with his lunch, the wolf returned to his nap, as evening fell, the wolf with his lunch, the wolf awakened, but sensing no danger settled down for a good nights rest. But what should chance to happen next? The wolf again smelled a human! Near his den had wandered a person, unlike the hunter, unprotected, dressed in rags and without a weapon. Now you ask, "who is he?" I will tell you. It was a small defenseless boy. "What misfortune brought him here?" You ask: "Is it possible he was unaware that new as so neart he wolf's cave?" The boy knew full well that Lobo lived in these parts of the woods. The boy had been sent, as was according to custom, to the cave of lobo to pay for his crimes. 
The boy wandered closer to the cave and awaited his unavoidable plight. And in spite of the upcoming doom the boy had hope in his heart and tried to lift his spirits with positive thoughts. 
By this time the wolf had caught scent of the boy and lept from the cave, sharing and running to the source of the human smell. reaching the glade, where the boy awaited his fate, the wolf licked his lips and prepared for his midnight snack. The boy sensing the end was near turned and waited for the Lobo to pounce on him and gobble him up. But the wolf had a change of heart. After all, this boy was only a small child and had not defaced Mother Nature or treated her badly. The wolf carried the boy to his lair in his teeth and a small boy out cast from society. As time passed the boy grew up and became strong. He had learned how to be friends with Lobo and how he could help him. Nighttime they warmed each other while daytime was spent gathering food. By this time Lobo had stopped eating people. Through his friendships with the boy he began to hope that other people would understand that people need to treat mother Nature with kindness and not rudeness. after 10 more years the boy, now a man - having the knowledge of growing things, and of birds and beasts - returned to the village of his birth. He dedicated his life to the safe care of nature. He worked so there would be clean rivers and lakes, forests and field and air. He lived his life to help his "little friends". And Lobo still lives today, already very old and still hoping that man will change before it's too late.

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