Cooking and Recipes. Russian Ancient Cuisine. Large number of recipes, ranging from sorrel soup to vinegar apples.

Pskov city. Location, history, photos. Экскурсии во Пскове. Псковский Кремль с Троицким собором Cooking and Recipes. Russian Ancient Cuisine. Large number of recipes in several categories, ranging from sorrel soup to vinegar apples.Cooking and Recipes. Russian Ancient Cuisine.Pskov hotels, churches and monasteries, civilian houses, merchant chambers

Cooking and Recipes. Russian Ancient Cuisine. Large number of recipes

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Pskov Art Treasures And Architectural Monuments 12th-17th Centuries Large number of recipes in several categories, ranging from sorrel soup to vinegar apples. There many healthy and tasty dishes in Russian cooking.
Pskov Art Treasures And Architectural Monuments 12th-17th Centuries Russian cuisine. Recipes Russian cooking.

Psychologists maintain that the emotional effect of food is no less important than the fact that it contains substances essential to support human life. Appetizing food leaves pleasant memories, while tasteless food leads to an accumulation of negative emotions and decreased vigor.
"Shchi and kasha feed of our"- this old saying shows how important these two dishes are in Russian cooking. In former times shchi and various kinds of kasha (pudding-like dishes made of various cereals) were the basic diet.
Kasha (porridge) was not only the staple fare of peasants, but a dish for special occasions as well. There could be no feast to celebrate the completion of the harvest, a wedding, or to mark a funeral without kasha. For these occasions it was usually rice kasha with honey and raisins. Indeed at that time the whole wedding feast was called a kasha. And the word "kasha"- (porridge) is found in many proverbs and sayings.
Making shchi has always been considered a great art. It is not for nothing that the proverb goes: 
"A good housewife is one who makes good shchi, not one who makes nice conversation."
Rissoles are among the most popular Russian dishes. People are not only fond of pork and lamb chops and cutlets, they also like rissoles made from minced beef, lamb, pork and veal. There are also chicken, fish, game, kidney-bean, cabbage, carrot, and many other kinds of rissoles. Rissoles are served with various vegetables and sauces.
Rissoles are normally shallow-fried, but deep-frying them is a more traditional method. This is how the popular Pozharsky chicken rissoles are cooked. Deep-frying requires a lot of very hot butter. When deep-fried, the whole surface of the meat is quickly covered in a thick, crisp, yet not tough or over-cooked crust, and then continues to cook slowly while the butter penetrates right through the rissoles.
The sturgeon is a large fish, sometimes weighing almost 200 kilograms, but the usual weight is a few dozen kilograms. Sturgeon can be found in various places in the Soviet Union: in the Black, Azov and Baltic seas, in the Siberian rivers, in lakes Baikal ..., but the greatest number are caught in the Caspian Sea.
Sturgeon has graced Russian tables since ancient times. The famous black caviar, in its soft and pressed varieties, comes from sturgeon and related species. Sturgeon is used to make fish soup and fish solyanka; it is eaten boiled, coated in bread-crumbs and fried, roasted in pastry or on a spit. But various baked dishes have always been the pride of Russian cookery, and this is especially true of baked sturgeon.

From time immemorial various mushroom dishes have been part of Russian cooking. Mushrooms are served both as ingredients in soups and the main course, and as dishes in their own right.
Mushrooms can be preserved by salting, pickling or drying.
Pastry dishes play an important part in Russian cooking. They include pelmeni, blini, noodles and many others. But pies and tarts are the pride and joy of any Russian housewife. "A home is made by pies, not by walls," "A birthday is not a birthday without pies," "Arrows complete a quiver, and pies a dinner" - these Russian sayings bear witness to the long-standing popularity of pies.
You don't see them on the table every day, but when you do, it means that there is something to celebrate and that guests are expected.
You can see all kinds of pies on the table: open tarts and covered pies, pies made from yeast dough, unleavened dough and puff pastry, large ones and small ones, round ones and square ones, made with meat, fish, cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms, berries, curd cheese and jam....

Russian cooking contains a great variety of desserts. Some are very ancient and exotic, but lunch usually concludes with stewed fruit or kissel.
Kissel has been a favorite dish for many centuries. It comes as no surprise that when the heroes of Russian fairy-tales find themselves in a land of marvels, they see rivers of milk with banks of kissel. Kissel is made from fresh or dried fruits or from berries, fruit juice, syrup, jam, milk and some other products. >>>

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Healthy and tasty dishes
Russian cooking with photos:Рецепты приготовления топинамбура. Фотографии блюд, из тыквы и цукини, тыква запеченная в горшочках, блюда в горшочках, из морепродуктов. Морепродукты с рисом, мидии, рецепты из кабачков, Салат из кальмаров с рисом. Кальмары, фаршированные рисом с овощами. Блюда из стручковой фасоли с фотографиями. Рецепты русской кухни с фотографиями, нажмите на фото, чтобы увидеть рецепт приготовления блюда. Здоровая пища по старинным рецептам на английском языке. Фотографии блюд с рецептами. Секреты молодости, рецепты молодости красоты и здоровья

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Pskov is very ancient Russian city - 1 100 year old.

Ancient Russian city Pskov has celebrated 1 100 year jubilee, July 20 - 24, 2003 year. Photos of holiday: events, news. History. Ceremonies, performances, celebration. On this web-site we have a lot of pictures. This site describes one of Russia’s ancient cities, Pskov. It is also full of Russian Churches and monuments. There are many links to choose from and around every corner you will learn something new. There are old fortresses and monasteries to read about. The pictures are splendid and make the site interesting and fun to navigate. Here is the catalogue "Historical and cultural monuments of Pskov and Pskov region" on the Internet. There are a lot of photos in this collection.

The land of Pskov has a very interesting history. From the ancient times, the town has been famous for its glamour. It is located at the border of Estonia and Latvia, which allows to organize a combined tour including a trip to those countries. There are over 300 monuments of architecture of the XII-XX centuries that have been preserved to date. Spots of interest dating back to the X century include the Trinity Cathedral, the Pagankin Trade yard (civilian houses, merchant chambers, currently a state Museum embracing a collection of the XII century icons and silver crafts), the tremendous Alexander Nevskiy monument at the entrance to the city, the Mirozhskiy monastery (a pearl of the Russian architecture with unique frescoes dating back to the XII century, currently under the protection of the UNESCO Group). You can also find all sorts of entertainment available in town, such as bowling, nightclubs, casinos and restaurants with exclusive Russian cuisine. Recipes Russian cooking.Pskov hotels, churches and monasteries, civilian houses, merchant chambers

Russian Pskov cityPskov Art Treasures And Architectural Monuments 12th-17th Centuries This is the Russian Folktales pages! Enjoy and mystery and wisdom of this ancient culture. Use the links to learn more about the Face of Russia. Pskov hotels, churches and monasteries, civilian houses, merchant chambers

Natalia has prepared ebooks of poems and tales from Russia. 

Russian Pskov cityPskov Art Treasures And Architectural Monuments 12th-17th Centuries Here is a collection of poems by Anna Ahmatova, Sergei Esenin, Alexander Blok, Alexander S. Pushkin.

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