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Wheat sprouts with prunes.


Bean sprouts - Edible sprouts which can be produced from a variety of seeds and beans, from the mung and alfalfa to lentil, radish and even broccoli. Sprouts should be kept in the refrigerator in the ventilated container or plastic bag in which they were sold, and used within a few days. Found fresh in most produce sections. Skip using the canned variety if you can avoid it


2 cups wheat sprouts, 
8 prunes, washed and soaked overnight, chopped.
1/2 apple, washed, grated.


1. Put washed wheat into water, soak in the water for 8 hours. Wash it and leave in the plate almost covered with new water and top with wet towel for 2 days to get sprouts.

2. Put prunes into water and soak for 8 - 12 hours. 

3. Mix sprouts with prunes and apple, add water from prunes.