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Currant Kvass - Cold beverage.

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Russians drink kvass is a cold beverage. 


5 litres (10 pint) - water
2 kg (4 lb) - currant, washed and crushed
0,5 kg (1 lb) - sugar
20 - 30 grams (1 oz) yeast
100 g (4 oz) raisins


1. Put crushed currant in big saucepan, pour boiled warm water. 

2. Bring to boil. Strain and discard currant. 

3. Add into the liquid the sugar and yeast, dissolved in a small amount of warm boiled water, mix, cover and leave it overnight in warm place.

4. Strain it again. Pour kvass into bottles, add several raisins into each bottle, cork tightly and put them in the fridge. 

5. Kvass should be served with ice.

(10-15 grams =1/2 oz; 100 g = 4 oz)