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Beets with vegetables, (Canned).

Russian cuisine and recipes, pickles, canned betts(We make this Salad in August or September for winter time)


2 lb beets
2 lb onion
2 lb tomatoes
2 lb paprika
1/2 pint olive oil (or Soya oil)
1/4 pint Apple vinegar
3 tbsp salt


1. Cook beets roots until tender. Use water to cover.
2. Cool beets and peel.
3. Combine minced: beets, tomatoes, paprika and chopped fried (until golden)
onion. Add oil and mix.
4. Simmer 20 minutes.
5. Add salt and Apple vinegar.
6. Ladle hot vegetables into hot sterilized jars, pack the mixture. Seal.

(Or Process 10 minutes in a boiling water canner, before Sealing.)