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Squash with vegetables pickles. (Canned)

Russian cuisine and recipes, pickles, canned betts(We make this pickles in September for winter time)


For brine:

1 liter Water, boiled
1,5 cup (300 g) Apple vinegar (5 - 6 %)
2 tbsp salt
6 - 8 tbsp sugar


fresh Zucchini, peeled and deseeded sliced and quoted
carrot, sliced into circles, boiled for 5-8 minutes, drained
onion, sliced into rings


3 - 4 cloves
Green or dry dill (2 - 5 head per jar)
1 - 2 bay leaf
3 - 4 black pepper (per jar)
3 - 4 green parsley


1. Combine sugar, salt, vinegar and water and bring brine to boil. 

2. Pack vegetables into sterilized jars with pickling spices on the bottom and top of the jar:
For first layer: Arrange on the bottom of jar pickling spices and sliced Zucchini.
For second layer: Spread carrot circles.
For third layer: sliced Zucchini.
Next layer: rings of onion over Zucchini.

3. Pour hot brine over vegetables. Adjust caps. Process for 15 minutes in boiling water bath.

4. Seal.