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Sweet cake with cottage cheese.
No bake!

Description: This recipe is very simple and tasty. 
If you have not a lot free time, but you would like to use your own fantasy ........

Sweet cake with cottage cheese. Ingredients:

1 lb square cookies

1 cup milk
1 lb cottage cheese
7 oz butter
2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp cocoa
vanillin to taste

Sweet cake with cottage cheese. For glaze:

3 tbsp butter
2 tsp cocoa

mixture of melted butter with cocoa and sugar.

Or use Chocolate glaze: 

Partially melt chocolate with butter over hot water. 
Remove from heat and stir until entirely melted. 

Sweet cake with cottage cheese. Method:

1. Melt the butter and combine with beaten cottage cheese and sugar. 

2. Divide the cottage cheese into 2 parts: To first add cocoa and mix carefully. To second part of cottage cheese add vanillin and stir.

3. Make first layer of you cake using square cookies. Dip every cookie into milk and place on the polyethylene. Make second layer: spread cocoa cottage cheese over the cookies. 

4. Next layer: put over the cottage cheese - the cookies, dipping every of them into milk. And than spread vanillin cottage cheese over the cookies. Again put over the cottage cheese - cookies.

5. Decorate top of your cake with glaze. Place glaze ingredients into sauce pan. Heat, stirring constantly. Chill. Pour glaze over cake.

Leave in a cold place for overnight. (or into Refrigerator).