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Stuffed prunes with cottage cheese.

Description: This recipe is very simple and tasty. 
If you have not a lot free time, but you would like to use your own fantasy ........


60 g (2,1 oz) prunes, without stone.

60 g (2,1 oz) cottage cheese.
1 egg yolk, beaten.
5 g (3/4 tsp) semolina.
3 g 1 tsp butter.
10 g (0,4 oz) sugar.
25 g (1 oz) walnuts, chopped and toasted.

50 g (1,8 oz) sour cream.


1. Soak washed prunes in cold water. Remove stones. 

2. Combine beaten cottage cheese with semolina, egg yolk, sugar, walnuts and mix carefully. 

3. Stuff the prunes with cottage cheese stuffing. 

4. Put the prunes into greased skillet, sprinkle with water and bake in the oven.

5. Decorate top stuffed prunes with sour cream. Serve.