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Potatoes pancakes  Fried Bream in the oats  Salmon, salted with spices, home made  Salmon salted home made  White beans with chicken breast  White beans with mushrooms  Blini filled  Blini filled with meat  Cabbage rolls, stuffed with meat  Cabbage fried with beans  Cabbage fried with vegetables  Chicken breasts fried  Chicken legs roasted in the oven  Chicken legs roasted in the oven  Meat balls with rice  Fish cutlets  Fish cutlets with leek  Fried fish with mushed potatoes  Home made noodles  Home made noodles  Pelmeni  Pelmini with spinach  Pelmeni with mushrooms  Pelmeni with filling grinded meat.  Pelmeni with meat and dill, with cabbage.  Pizza with ham and mushrooms  Pizza with ham.  Pizza with mushrooms  Potatoes olady, grated   Pot cheese cutlets  Squash or zucchini cutlets  Fried string bean with Ham.  Bream roe fried in beaten egg  Fried Broccoli florets.  Cottage cheese with dried apricots and kiwi.  Cauliflower fried  Cauliflower fried  Fried Zucchini  Squash fried  Chicken fillet baked in the oven, in the pot. Puffed with vegetables  Squash baked  Chicken legs baked in the oven.  Tomatoes salad and mushrooms  Potato with mushrooms.  Stuffed cabbage rolls with rice.  Stuffed Paprika , with meat filling  Stuffed Paprika , with meat filling  Paprika stuffed with mushrooms.  Paprika stuffed with mushrooms.  Paprika stuffed with mushrooms.  Rice with chicken breasts.  Chicken patties - cutlets.  Cheese Balls coated with grated Crab meat.  Salmon, salted with spices  Stuffed cabbage rolls with vegetables.  Salmon or lox salted at home, during 3 - 4 days.  Kolyadki with fillings.  Potato fried  Mushrooms in sour cream.  Meat, pork with veal and rice cutlets.  Haddock baked in the oven.  Chicken fillet fried in the batter.  Codfish baked with carrot.